Friday, 26 June 2009

Misty Mountain Mix By C-Boogie

C-Boogie AKA Charlie Inman, Raconteur, DJ, Producer, Director, Musician and all round good guy has this to say about the latest mix tape which you can get by clicking here...

So Leo asked me to do him a mix for his new blog, and I got all excited and dug out loads of wicked old tunes, which I knew he’d be really into. All sorts of weirdy-beardy psychadelic hippie funk rock nonsense. Right up his street. Cut it together, was double pleased with myself. Nice mixes, some really obscure shit I hadn’t listened to for ages, and then I lost my laptop in Cuba along with the mix and most of the tunes I’d used. Shitbags. Back to the drawing board.

This is my second attempt. I’m gutted I lost some of the really good ones, but I got to include some recent discoveries like the rocktastic Son of Spirit track for the opening, and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & Carlos Nino’s beautiful orchestral cover of Slum Village’s “Fall in Love”.

For best results, listen to this mix out in the garden, on a sunny day, naked, really high on mushrooms.


Big Love