Sunday, 19 July 2009

Make Love in The Stars - Jadell & his computer friend

New mix tape up for grabs from Prolific B-Boy, DJ, Musician & Comedian Jadell. I've been trying to get him to do this for ages and he's finally come up with the goods, it was well worth the wait, download it here.

Man, I love space. When I think about how absolutely big space is; and I personally have visited space quite a few times during my ingestion of psychotropic substances, so I know - it reminds me of just how much of a fragment of other inconceivable amounts of fragments we are made out of. Yet - all from the same one in the first place; or so it was pointed out to me when I visited space the last time, during my time travel meditation with The Elder Ones.

The above text was pretty much what I said, word for word, when Leo asked me if I fancied doing a mix for this blog. He never spoke to me again afterwards, apart from when I received a letter in the post addressed to 'Space Cadet Jadell' from his solicitor, asking me if I'd 'done the shit yet'. I sent him a text message that read 'You never paid for the drinks you ran off and left me with', and soon everything was all sorted out. I hope you like it, some of the tunes are pretty darned rare if I say so myself.

All of them are from the 60's and 70's, and they're all heavy on the funk drums. I'm going to do an 80's one soon for won't be the usual electro you've heard hundreds of times either. I'll keep Leo posted. For now, go and freak out in space and make love in the stars. - Jadell

TIME - 42:50

01. Love To Fly - The Venus Gang
02. Space a la Mode (edit) - Herb Geller
03. Bendix - Raymond Scott
04. Rocket in the Pocket (edit) - Cerrone
05. Rendezvous with the Sun pt.2 - Howard Wales
06. Hidden Track - Jadell featuring Nick Faber
07. Just Beyond - Riot
08. 2000 Light Years from Home - The Rolling Stones
09. Fly Like an Eagle - The Steve Miller Band
10. Open Space - Piero Umiliani
11. Space Invaders - The Space Invaders
12. Making Time - The Creation
13. Galaxy - War

© Dan Wilton -

© Dan Wilton -

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Straight To Video

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C-Boogie said...

it. haven't heard that Space a La Mode track for years. Big up your chest Mr Jadell. I am nodding in the office. This mix is finger-clicking good.