Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Richie Pengelley, a man unafraid to write in capitals throws down after weeks of me hassling him to do the mix and then weeks of him hassling me to get it on the blog its finally, finally here..."ELECTRONIC MEMORIES & HUMAN WORDS" behold the genius that is La Penge...

Download the mixtape by clicking on these words

"I couldn't see properly when he asked me, yet alone hear, the cheap plastic
disco light was pointing directly into my retinas and the over-amped
speakers were stretching the hyman out of the bass cones, You What? i spat
back at him as I was bustled by some dire freak show who was trying to
squeeze by. Would you be up for doing a mix tape for my blog? The freak
show, who must have hit every branch when she fell out of the ugly tree, was
now grinding past Leo and as the light hit her all you could see was this
bulldog chewing a wasp. Rank. I managed to digest the information while my
burnt retinas brought the after party into focus, replying, Shitbox really?
I don't think I have enough, you know, spacey peyote smoking out there,
stuff to fill a mix tape, my stuff is a little more on the electronic
wackness tip. We edge away from freak show who has now started to drench
some unsuspecting victim in halitosis odoured spittle, she was in her prime
fifty years ago maybe but tonight she looked like a reject from fragil rock.
no worries it's cool, anything goes Leo says, its wide open, ok I reply, I'd
love to. It's been a while. As I start to contemplate this new endeavor, the
freak show begins to head back towards us, her jaw grinding and carving out
a route for her through the crowd, bodies flying left and right, her eyes
dead and lifeless look like satans arseholes. Leo turns and we say in
unison, We should go."

LA PENGE is the brainchild of Ricardo Suavez and Kinky Rich,this is his 1st
mix tape since 1993 and as you can see he has not really bought many records since then. This mix tape has a little bit of everything on it, some old records which made his head turn in early £3.99 warehouse parties while drinking TOP DECK, some new stuff which is interesting and energetic plus some timeless classics which will live longer now one can USB ones vinyl. Adding to this multifarious collection are a few film quotes and a youthful vigour which was brought back to life for the 70 minutes or so.

1 - MK1 - Radiohead
2 - Space Walk - Lemon Jelly
3 - Paris - Friendly Fires (Aeroplane remix)
4 - Wiliams Blood - Grace Jones (Aeroplane remix)
5 - No Suprise - James Yuill
6 - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of - The Human League (voxloss mix)
7 - Caught Up - Metro Area
8 - The Morning After - Fallout
9 - Get Into It - Tony Scott
10 - Big Love - Fleetwood Mac
11 - Love Stoned - Justin Timberlake (justice rmx)
12 - Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino
13 - It's You - ESP
14 - Kilometer - Sebastien Tellier
15 - Flowers - Titiyo
16 - Seasun - Delorean
17 - Grum - Sound reaction
18 - Pnau - Baby (Breakbot remix)
19 - Luther Vandross - Never too much - Odahls K-love remix
20 - John Roman - Martyr
21 - Mercado Nuevo - John Murphy
22 - Right Before My Eyes - Patti Day
23 - Let Me Love You For Tonight - Kariya
24 - I Can Do This - Monie Love
25 - The Beast - Milt Buckner

Richie runs the very excellent Statler and Waldorf's Cinema Club with Alan Sim
"A monthly cinema club for those who love film and would like to see their favourite films on the big screen maybe for the first time".....And what is more its at the Lexi cinema in Kensal, a Social Enterprise that converts 100% of profits to charity.

The next event will be a pre-mature HALLOWEEN SPECIAL on the 15th OCTOBER at the LEXI CINEMA, Kensal Green, LONDON NW10 3JU - the film will be THE SHINING (1980)Directed by Stanley Kubrick. Tickets are £8 for S&W members and can be reserved online and then collected on the door by e-mailing - bea.addis@thelexicinema.co.uk

Even more info here

Images hoodwinked from the excellent Ben Pearce & the amazing "Them Thangs"

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